What the critics are saying about MMY.

Following Sell Out performances of Little Shop of Horrors in February sales for our next production Les Miserables School Edition have gone through the roof!

We are really proud of the achievements of our wonderful cast, and these achievements are reflected in the comments of various visiting critics. Read for yourself what they are saying:

“Is this really a youth theatre company?!   It certainly doesn’t come across that way.   The quality of the acting is superb, the singing is outstanding and the overall performance of everyone involved is of the highest quality.   They just get it right every time”. – Nicky Lambert (Northwestend Review of Little Shop of Horrors)

“Words simply cannot do full justice for this amazing and talented group of young performers. Aged, I would imagine from about 10 – 20 years, this group, despite being both amateur and youths, are just about as good as you are going to get! …… this production of Little Shop Of Horrors by Manchester Musical Youth takes second place in my list of personal all-time favourite performances. This is something of which you should all be incredibly proud, since my number one all-time favourite is an adult professional production!” – Alastair MacDougall (ArtsMag Review of Little Shop of Horrors)

If you are yet to book tickets for Les Miserables then please do so soon, Saturday night is Sold Out and Friday is almost there! See you all in July